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CAT 3406 Maintenance Schedule
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CAT 3406 Maintenance Schedule

NOTE: For all generator maintenance activities, refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual for your generator and control panel.

Use fuel consumption, service hours, or calendar time, whichever occurs first. to determine maintenance intervals. Experience has shown that maintenance intervals are most accurately scheduled on the basis of fuel consumed rather than service hours.


Walk-Around Inspection - Inspect engine for and radiator for debris, leaks, loose or broken fittings, hoses or wires and guards. Repair as necessary. Inspect generator (if equipped) for moisture, dust, oils, greases and debris on main stator, excitor and PMG. Clean as needed

Engine Crankcase - Check oil level

Cooling System - Check level

Clutch Lubricate/Adjust

Air Starter Lubricator Oil- Check level

Air Tank- Drain water

Air Cleaner Indicator- Check

First 5,600 (1,500 gal) of Fuel or 250 Hours (First Oil Change)

Engine Valve Lash- Check/Adjust

Engine Speed Sensor(s) (Magnetic Pickup)- Check/Adjust

Every 9,500 L (2500 gal) of Fuel or 250 Hours

S·O·S Analysis- Obtain

Engine Oil and Filters- Replace

Crankcase Breather (Turbocharger Only)- Clean

Fuel Filter- Replace final filter/Clean primary filter

Cooling System- Replace supplemental coolant element if equipped or add supplemental coolant additive (conditioner)

Fan Drive- Lubricate with MPGM

Batteries- Clean/Inspect electrolyte level

Radiator- Inspect/Check

Belts- Inspect/Check

Hoses- Inspect/Check

Fuel Tank- Drain water

Every 38,000 L (10,000 gal) of Fuel or 1000 Hours

Engine Protective Devices- Inspect/Check

Fuel Control Linkage

Every 114,000 L (30,000 gal) of Fuel or 3000 Hours or Two Years

Cooling System (Long Life Coolant/Antifreeze Only)- Add Extender

Cooling System (Conventional Coolant/Antifreeze Only)- Drain/Flush/Replace Coolant

Valve Bridge, Valve Lash, Valve Rotators - Check/Adjust

Fuel Ratio Control, Low Idle- Check/Adjust


Engine Mounts


Valve Rotators- Inspect/Check

Thermostat- Replace

Every 190,000 L (50,000 gal) of Fuel or 5000 Hours

Fuel Injection Nozzles- Test or Exchange

Alternator, Air Compressor, Water Pump, Starter and Turbocharger- Inspect/Rebuild or Exchange

Engine Speed Sensor(s), (Magnetic Pickup)- Inspect/Adjust

Every 6,000 Hours or Four Years

Cooling System (Long Life Coolant/Antifreeze Only)- Drain/Flush/Replace Coolant


Cylinder Head, Connecting Rods, Pistons, Cylinder Liners, Turbocharger, Oil Pump, Spacer Plate, Fuel Ratio Control, Cam Followers, Fuel Transfer Pump and Timing Advance- Inspect/Rebuild or Exchange

Piston Rings, Main Bearings, Rod Bearings, Valve Rotators and Crankshaft Seals- Install new

Fuel Injection Nozzles- Test or Exchange

Fuel Injection Pump- Test

Crankshaft, Camshaft, Cam Bearings, Damper, Governor, Fuel Pump Camshaft and Fuel Rack- Inspect

Oil Cooler- Clean/Test

Aftercooler Core- Clean/Test

Coolant Analysis- Obtain

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